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Welcome to our CANTER SoCal blog. This has been an ongoing training clinic with celebrity trainer Karen Murdock doing the foundation training for our fabulous, Cee Mister B. Please visit PlayingWithLukas.com to see Karen's own celebrity horse, Lukas.

Karen will be a presenter at The Equine Affaire in Feb., and has also been invited to present at the Int'l Equestrian Festival in Kentucky, and the HITS show, among others!

Karen will continue as a training consultant for all CANTER adopters! She and Lukas continue to work hard as our spokesmen, and bring awareness to the other ex-racehorses needing homes.

Mister B is available for adoption!! We are looking at applications now, but won't make a decision for a little while.
Email CanterSocal@gmail.com for more info!!

Mister B is continuing his training at our new CANTER Barn at Rising Phoenix Equestrian Center in Bonsall, Ca., with trainer Keri Homer, and our own CANTER trainer, Athena.

Athena will continue to update this blog with Mister B's progress, so stay tuned to follow our rock star horse, Cee Mister B.

We think he has fabulous potential for a junior rider!
It will be one lucky adopter who gets Mister B!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Cee Mister Bee Update

Mister B finished his training with Karen, and has moved to our CANTER barn,  Rising Phoenix Equestrian Center.  Karen did a wonderful job and Mister B is working under saddle beautifully.
He has great energy, perfect manners, and is a stunning mover.  Thank you, Karen!   Your training was priceless!   He is so lucky to have been started by celebrity trainer, Karen Murdock, horse whisperer supreme!

BTW,  Karen is going to be a presenter at the Equine Affaire in Feb. and has been invited to present at the
International Equestrian Festival 2010 in Kentucky,  the HITS show,  and many more.  Karen is available to all CANTER adopters as a consultant!

So now Mister B is continuing his training with Rising Phoenix's  Keri Homer,  and our wonderful CANTER trainer, Athena.   Everyone who meets Mister B just falls in love with him!

Because of his disposition, we think he will make a perfect horse for a junior rider,  and our plans now are to get him ready for a few local shows and promote him that way.   We don't know which discipline he will enjoy the most,  but in the next 30 days we'll see how he does.

He is such a happy guy when he's working and learning new things.    Athena rode him for the first time on the 25th,  and I have a video to post soon.    Athena said he feels wonderful,  and she will be updating his progress on this blog.

 Because Mister B is such a rock star horse we feel he has wonderful potential for a junior rider,  and we will be looking for someone who can enjoy him in a forever home.

We get inquiries for him constantly,  but  just like all of our horses,  we take our time to find just the right home for each one.

Check out Athena's new blog where she will post photos, videos, and updates on our other CANTER Cuties in training.   We have 3 drop dead gorgeous chestnut mares who are showing great promise, and are progressing so well in training.   Two are Seattle Slew granddaughters,  and all are fabulous horses.

Irish Dream and Mystifing are sisters,  and Song of Dreams completes the triplets!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mr. B

Mr. B continues to improve - his liberty work is getting more steady and he shows much willingness and happy cooperation.  His under saddle is coming along - he sure is alot better to the left!  I am helping him learn to bend and turn - at the halt, I'll hold (not pull!) gently til I feel the slightest give and let the rein go looser so he gets an immediate reward, often stroke his neck and tell him what a good boy he is (when he is soft).  I am encouraging him to stretch his neck forward and down, and then this allows his walk to open up and his back to start to swing and his hind legs to come more under his belly.  The trot is started - as his balance and understanding improve, so will his gaits.  Thank you for your interest in Mr. B - I hope you're enjoying him as much as I am!  Karen

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mister B

Hi Everyone,

Mr. B is doing great!  We have been working on the smile, nodding yes and free lunging around me at the walk and trot.  This week we added having him put his head down to stretch and relax his muscles and he is catching on quickly.  He spends all morning eating in the sunshine and in the afternoon we play and he gets groomed.   He is very sweet and friendly and loves the attention.  I am so glad that Bonnie saved him.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello All!

I've just changed to a new template which I hope is more user friendly for commenting.

Can you do me a big favor and post a comment so I can see how it's working?

Karen is doing an awesome job with Mister B,  and he is truly an awesome horse,  so I hope to have questions for Karen and this forum for her to answer everyone.

She is getting hundreds of emails a night and if she can answer them on our blog it will help everyone.

I also figured out how to set her up as an author now,  so we are getting there!!

Talk to Karen directly in the 'Contributors' section, and the Playing With Lukas link!!

Mounting Mister B

Mister B videos October 9, 2009

Can you believe this great guy?   He stands so quietly for Karen to mount,  he is very eager to do everything she asks,  and he is less than two weeks from his last race!

Everyone who sees Mister B just LOVES him.   What a lucky adopter who gets Mister B.

We are starting to look at applications for him now,  but won't make a decision until further along in his training.   Go to CanterUsa.org to fill out an application and be sure to forward a copy to Bonnie at

Or email me with questions, info about yourself, etc.

Cee Mister B

Cee Mister B
First Day