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Welcome to our CANTER SoCal blog. This has been an ongoing training clinic with celebrity trainer Karen Murdock doing the foundation training for our fabulous, Cee Mister B. Please visit PlayingWithLukas.com to see Karen's own celebrity horse, Lukas.

Karen will be a presenter at The Equine Affaire in Feb., and has also been invited to present at the Int'l Equestrian Festival in Kentucky, and the HITS show, among others!

Karen will continue as a training consultant for all CANTER adopters! She and Lukas continue to work hard as our spokesmen, and bring awareness to the other ex-racehorses needing homes.

Mister B is available for adoption!! We are looking at applications now, but won't make a decision for a little while.
Email CanterSocal@gmail.com for more info!!

Mister B is continuing his training at our new CANTER Barn at Rising Phoenix Equestrian Center in Bonsall, Ca., with trainer Keri Homer, and our own CANTER trainer, Athena.

Athena will continue to update this blog with Mister B's progress, so stay tuned to follow our rock star horse, Cee Mister B.

We think he has fabulous potential for a junior rider!
It will be one lucky adopter who gets Mister B!

Check out our new Zenyatta/CANTER fund raiser T Shirts that will be available starting Sunday the 29th at Hollywood Park!

We also have photos signed by Mike Smith and John Shirreffs to silent auction at the Sunday event.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Exciting Day!

Hi All,

Karen rode our boy today.   She said he was just perfect,  and sweet as ever.   Wow,  just about a week from his last race and he has no problem with a quiet ride.   All he needs is a couple hundred pounds and he will even more stunning.   We're working on that as we speak!

Karen and I went to Barrett's yearling sale yesterday and handed out cards and flyers about Lukas and CANTER.   There were lots of gorgeous yearlings leaving for new racing homes.

Lukas is still getting calls from the media and more awareness is coming for the other ex-racehorses.

Also,  I think I have the comment area figured out now!


  1. So, if you click on the word comment underneath the post, you'll be able to write a comment or ask a question of Karen. Then hit 'post comment' and it should work.

    Thanks so much for participating in our first CANTER SoCal blog!

  2. Oh, I'll be making new videos in the next day or two!

  3. Thank you Bonnie and Karen for all you are doing, and sharing your journey with us! I had an OTTB, who had been abused in the stable races, and it took me months to get him to relax and show his real personality. What a character! And gorgeous to boot! Sadly I lost him due to the effects of injuries he had received. But love watching these guys blossom in your hands!

  4. Hello,
    Mister B is beautiful. His owner is going to be very lucky because he is trained by the fabulous Karen Murdock!


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